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i land coast

INTERLUDES are narrative, spatial or musical interventions generating connections between random points in time and space, a joy for the side story, the minute adventure and the absurd, deliberately disregarding the grand narratives or 'worthy subjects'.


We interpret Rollercoaster as something inside of an amusement park that's lively and exuberant with crowds, and Island as something that's isolated from what is called the main. While there is sharp contrast between the two, in both settings can individuals experience some kind of instinctive impulse that can be revealed by two types of sound - screaming from heights & yielding to the open wild.


Through a recombination of ready-mades and different materials, generated visuals which draw inspiration from ideas like wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics with footages taken at the Isle of Skye, Scotland, soundscapes where the instruments are evolved out of human voices, we intend to evoke further thoughts about the liminal line of one's inner space and outer world, as well as the alienation of mankind in industrialisation and its relation with nature.

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