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Talent Market

​How are we, as individual human, being perceived in the society? 

Are we becoming digits? Each of us counts for '1' in news reports.

Are we becoming pieces of documents -- resume/personal statement plus portfolio?

Do universities get students admitted as happily as counting that bulks of tuition notes?

Getting that physical objects read by machines we get recognised and then permitted to do something.


"Narrative identity is a person's internalized and evolving life story, integrating the reconstructed past and imagined future to provide life with some degree of unity and purpose."


Experimenting with voices, Live Performance from GeorgeWood

I like that some of my schoolmates are in their thirties or forties, which inspires me to get rid of the age pressure.

I hate that awful food, changeable weather, never-on-time buses and slow service

I’m happy when I do not need to be asked to do bureaucratic administrative issues every day

I’m sad when missing home


I like that multi-culture; history; beautiful city views; easy to travel around EU;

I hate that rainy days

I’m happy when it goes sunny; school events; hang out with friends

I’m sad when hunting for jobs


I like that artistic atmosphere

I hate the weather

I’m happy when traveling

I’m sad when doing assignment


I like that there are lots of museums, gardens, and historical buildings. The culture is rich.

I hate that low efficiency

I’m happy when attending cultural activities like concert, fire work festivals…

I’m sad when the strikes happen (both underground and college) and everything goes messy


I like that everything is as expected and under control.

I hate that my goal cannot be achieved.

I’m happy when I am able to think clearly about my current state of mind and recognize my own thoughts.

I’m sad when I am in poor condition and inefficient mode.


I like that the teacher paid attention to the feelings of every student.

I hate that______________________________

I’m happy when what I said was recognized by teachers and classmates

I’m sad when I couldn't understand because of the accent.


I like that I’m able to freely explore my artistic potential without much boundary

I hate that I don’t always feel quite safe when I walk on the street at midnight

I’m happy when I’m able to share my cultural heritage with foreigners in a diverse environment

I’m sad when I discover that so many people don’t know much about what Chinese culture really is like and even not interested at all


I like to live without restraint

I hate limited wealth

I had a good time when I went out to play with my friends

I'm sad that the project didn't get a good evaluation


I like that the different environment and peaceful lifestyle here, the great education conditions in my major and the polite & enthusiastic people I met.

I hate that the foods here are different and not very delicious for me, and it’s still dangerous at night I think. And also, the Covid-19 prevention and control management here is not as strict as that in China.

I’m happy when I make meals successfully by myself, when I get compliments from tutors & strangers, and when I bought a product with a lower price than that in China.

I’m sad when local people began to prepare for Christmas while I can’t go back home for Spring Festival and I miss my family and friends so much.


I like that I’m getting to experience new things and meet new people from all around the globe.

I hate that i sometimes feel all alone in this big city full of people.

I’m happy when I’m out in London, roaming around with friends.

I’m Sad when it gets dark early and you’re all alone in your room.


I like that travelling time.

I hate that pressure of meeting deadlines.

I’m happy when I make new friends and gain new knowledge.

I’m sad when the weather goes too bad to go outside.


I like the artistical and historical atmosphere

I hate that the chemical substance in the UK water can gradually lose my hair

I’m happy when the weather is sunny and hanging out with friends.

I’m sad when the weather is cloudy and rainy


I like the diversity in the UK, especially in London. My classmates come from all over the world so that I myself can embrace many cultural differences.

Not any memorable things to hate about.

I am happy when our team collaborated well in academic projects.

I am sad about the natural language disadvantages compared with native students, specifically in job hunting.


I like that welcoming and diverse culture, a tolerant, multicultural country — you’ll find people from almost every country on Earth!

I hate that the longest waiting list for an appointment in NHS with the shortest appointment time

I’m happy when there are no mosquitoes all year around

I’m sad when it gets dark at 4pm in winter time


I like that many people are friendly in UK.

I hate that the cost of living in the UK is too high.

I’m happy when I understand the difficult knowledge and was praised by the teacher.

I’m sad when I can't understand the professional knowledge.


I like that desserts.

I hate that English.

I’m happy when join an amazing event.

I’m sad when suffering from the assignments.


I like that face to face lessons, environment of libraries, payment methods in UK and kind drivers on road

I hate that meeting awful and brainless people

I'm happy when having achievements on academic study and tasks

I'm sad when my oral English sucks and poverty


I like that gooood dessert

I hate that bad weather

I’m happy when cooking myself

I’m sad when it’s dark at 3pm!!


I like the artistic atmosphere here

I hate that the train is always late

I will be very happy when many people can recognize my work

I am sad when it rains


I like that dog people are everywhere here

I hate that Covid messed up my travel plans and i always trigger the fire alarm when I cook

I’m happy when I’m jogging along the lake in the Hyde park with dogs and squirrels around

I’m/ was sad when I saw the Christmas trees thrown on the street after the holiday.


I like that I have more free time here

I hate that I have to say sorry so many times a day, even I don't do anything wrong.

I’m happy when it's raining

I’m sad when The food is so bad that I suspect I am in a country where everyone's sense of taste is failing


I like that my experience at university was better than I expected

I hate that there’ s no signal on London underground

I’m happy when it’s sunny

I’m sad when i read racist comments on social media


I like that people here are generous and the weather is of my kind

I hate that No hate. Peace!

I’m happy when I have a productive day. I prefer spending time clicking pictures and observing the city. or else hanging out with friends

I’m sad when:I am unable to find a home to live for the first month of my time here in London.


I like that the city is so vast in terms of culture and yet so inclusive. Everybody loves everyone, everything is so accessible, and people always want to help.

I hate that my classes take place in Lewisham community college when I signed up for Goldsmiths, so if there is something that could be done about that I’d be really happy.

I’m happy when it’s sunny in London, I love it

I’m sad when it’s rainy and windy, at the same time


I like the exchange of ideas and atmosphere during the class.
I hate to encounter racial discrimination of a few people in life.
I’m happy when making friends from different backgrounds .
I’m sad when encountering irresponsible team members in group work

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