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What am I

Julia Dèng Hànzú, born in Chongqing, China and now living in London, is a multimedia artist/experimental musician/sound therapist with mixed educational backgrounds in Design and Economics who works in a post-disciplinary approach. 

Drawing inspirations from different subjects, personal experiences, and both western and eastern philosophy, her works, featuring frequent use of sound and instruments, include but are not limited to the form of performances, installations, composed pieces, moving/static images, texts and curatorial practices, while inner emotions as reflection to the outer concrete/abstract environment are recurring themes. 

Musically, Julia has been trained in traditional Chinese plucked instruments including the pipa, ruan and guzheng since the age of 8. She is committed to fusing and experimenting with instrumental and sonic sounds across diverse contexts. Her repertoire includes not only classic pieces but also collaborations with contemporary composers, originals from her bands, and exploration of improvisational skills and extended techniques. These musical elements are often integrated with electronics or interactive systems, and other art forms such as visuals. In addition to her expertise in traditional instruments, she also plays bass guitar, harp, and produces her own music.

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